One Word and #spreadhappiness

My friend Dot started a hashtag on Twitter #spreadhappiness, a few months ago. She wanted to bring joy to her followers/friends and tell them something nice. It has a ripple effect, a few weeks later our friend Naomi used the hashtag to the do the same. This year, I was reading my calendar at work and saw that September 12th was the National Day of Encouragement.  The day after my birthday which was perfect, I took all the love poured on me the day before and passed it around.

I wrote my co-workers hand written notes, I tweeted my followers, emailed good friends, texted friends and just spread love. It had a ripple effect and I hope next year it will catch on but that we will see more use of Dot’s hashtag as well.

There is so much negative in the world, life is hard and people are dealing with really tough things. Many of you know, my life has been far from easy but I have never lost my optimism, hope and deep abiding faith. Spreading that joy,love and hope is my personal mission in life.

I tell Marty and the kids, ” I love you many times a day”. After losing several close friends, I make a constant habit of telling my friends that I love them, on a regular basis.

One word can make a huge difference, telling someone what they mean to you or how you see them can encourage. Words and love fill people up, its the gas that keeps people going. So here is my challenge, use #spreadhappiness and tell people what they mean to you this Christmas season. Holidays can be hard for people including myself. Bringing joy can really make a difference to someone during this season.


Do the one word challenge, ask people to describe you in one word and give them a word back that describes them.

You often wonder, how do people view me or perceive me? For me, I am a transparent person, what you see is what you get. I know exactly who I am and what I stand for, I think those around me do as well.

Recently, I have made many new friends at work, being new in an area where you have no connection or roots, people don’t know where you come from or what you’re about. That’s why I love having a blog, I can give them my card and tell them, ”read my blog” you will know me quickly or by adding them on FB which can be like coming to a giant Brown family party at times. New friends can see your family and old friends talk to you and about you, they will know quickly who you are.

This has made me think of the one word challenge. So I am asking my friends, family, followers, and tweeps to join in this holiday season. #spreadhappiness and love. It can make a difference.

Now for the fun, how would you describe me in one word? tell me and I will give you a word back. I am not big on Facebook copy and paste posts. I ignore them because they annoy me, that is not what this is at all. This is simply writing on people’s walls, texting them, emailing, tweeting and telling them what they mean to you.

From the Bottom of My Heart

Thank you for reading and following along with my blog adventures. NaBloPoMo did me in this year, it truly was a challenge in self discipline. I do have to thank Conner and Elizabeth for helping me a couple of days and reminding me to blog.

The part I love the most about blogging is the comments. I know people read my blog.. a lot of you read but there are not too many of you that comment. I have loved each and every comment, they truly make me happy and I love the interaction.

I appreciate you letting me blow up your timeline and still reading. Thank you for helping me make it through.

Also, I am so thankful for all the texts, tweets, comments, phone calls regarding mom. I am a big believer in telling my friends I love you often and I love all of you who kept me lifted up during the last few trying days.

At this point, I want to say this will be my last NaBloPoMo but I know that next year I will want to do it again. I will be blogging here and there until then.

One More Day

This NaBloPoMo has been the longest ever and I am really wondering why I did this? Thankfully tomorrow is the last day.

Mom went home from the hospital today before she did though, I got a call from her that my youngest cousin Randon went to see her. He works in the hospital and stopped by, he chatted with her after explaining who he was. You see, he is my cousin on my Dad’s side and my parents are divorced, Randon is the same age as my son Conner. So she doesn’t know him well and hasn’t seen him in a few years.

He called me and left a voicemail, I was so deeply touched by this gesture. It was so nice to know someone looked in on her and checked up. What a nice young man and I am so proud of him. His parents should be proud too.

As I was putting lights on the tree today with Conner. He started fussing about the way they were laying. It was a proud moment another Betty Brown in training. My Dad asked, ”Is this some rule that you, your aunts and cousin’s have about decorating the tree today?” I said to him,” When we were little, you should have called us Betty Brown’s in training. We get it from her.”

Happy mom is home, happy the house is decorated and happy that tomorrow NaBloPoMo is ending.

The Longest Day

Yesterday started out amazing, cooking with the kids in the kitchen and having a wonderful dinner as a family. We watched The Macy’s parade together and just had a wonderful day.

My cousin Brianne called me, we talked and then I talked to my Dad too. I thought it was strange my mom didn’t call in the morning during The Macy’s parade. I called her in the afternoon and got no answer, I wasn’t too concerned since I knew my nephew Chris was visiting from Oregon.

Finally I got a hold of mom after our dinner. She said she had just taken their dinner out of the oven but that she wasn’t feeling well. She then said, ” I may have Chris take me to the hospital because my heart is having palpitations again.” Last summer she had a similar incident and needed medication to slow her heart rate. I let her go and she said she would keep me posted.

Later I noticed several missed calls in a row from her phone after my phone which is permanently on silent started ringing aloud. It was my nephew Chris calling to let me know that after my mom and I hung up, she clutched her chest and turned white. She had a mild heart attack due to Super Ventricular Tachycardia. I was floored….she was really sick when we were talking and I didn’t know.

My nephew has two little ones and couldn’t stay with her. I was so upset my mom was alone in the hospital and I started trying to find someone to go sit with her.  I even called my ex brother in law.

My aunt in Colorado was sick in bed playing telephone operator forwarding messages between people. Our family is fractured and it is never more evident when something happens with our parents. Of course, this is nothing I can fix…believe me I have tried. So Aunt Nette took it on and communicated for us.

It did get my nephew and I talking again, we hadn’t in a few years and I had been missing him greatly. That was a good thing.

Mom’s heart tests showed her heart is healthy and fine. They think medicine can treat her issue, though thankfully another echocardiagram led them to finding blood clots in her lungs. With this finding they think it is related to her Lupus. She hasn’t had organs affected by Lupus before this episode.

It’s hard being far away from my parents knowing they both have health issues. Mom’s heart attack now means both parents have had heart attacks.  Definitely causes you to think about the future.  It also brought back memories of being a little girl and seeing mom take off running down the street as my Grandma crossed the street to watch me, my mom’s dad suffered a massive heart attack at about the same age as my mom. Heart disease is hereditary and I have it on both sides.

I had to work today, that was good to keep my mind off everything. I got yelled at by a few angry people.

So thankful for my tribe, friends, and family looking out for me. I always know when I need prayer that I can immediately call upon my tribe and they will be there. I didn’t cry and was strong because I was being lifted by those who love me. God was with my mom yesterday in so many ways and we’re both thankful for the love and support.


Thankful today I spent the day cooking a feast with my children.

Thankful Marty is healthy and well

Thankful that we have good jobs

Thankful we have family

Thankful we have friends around the world

Thankful for the amazing life and adventures I’ve had

Thankful that my nephew Chris drove down from Oregon to be with my mom today. He was there while she had a heart attack and got her to the hospital. She would have been alone if he wasn’t there.

Thankful that my friends were there for me tonight. Thankful I had many people to turn to when I got scary news.

Thankful for all of the support of my blog readers.


Happy Thanksgiving

Wayback Wednesday: Happy Birthday Kyle

Sometimes powerful stories are too important to not be reshared. The story of my cousin Kyle and I is so important to me. Today’s his birthday, he is my family and he is loved. For a long time, he didn’t know us and didn’t know how much he was loved.

Have your hanky ready. Read my 2012 birthday post to Kyle:

Thanksgiving Scramble

The thing is….I work… a lot. So I haven’t had time to prepare for Thanksgiving at all this year. We have a standard menu and list but limited shopping time.

So tonight, the entire family went to the grocery store at 11 p.m. to buy our Thanksgiving dinner menu. I thought the list was made earlier in the week. It wasn’t…….so I wrote the list before going shopping in five minutes.

Went to the store and luckily obtained every item on the list. I was worried things would be sold out but they weren’t and we’re now set for Thanksgiving.

There was a debate between the kids. Conner wanted to fry a turkey and E said that she loves the smell of a turkey cooking. So we decided to do both………yes…we bought two turkeys. One small turkey to cook in the oven and one turkey to fry.

Then there was Elizabeth channeling her name sake in the store. She was very upset we could not find cubed stuffing, she only likes the bread cubes. Reminded me of driving around to buy Mrs. Cubbisons for my grandma.

Now to clean the house up for Thursday. Can’t wait to put the turkey in the oven, watch the Macy’s parade and eat a nice family dinner together.



Leapin’ Lizards!

Annie is everywhere again, I feel like it’s 1982 all over again. Commercials on television advertising the ”new” Annie movie. A friend on Instagram taking pictures of the ”new” Annie collection at Target. Another commercial advertising the national stage production of Annie coming to the Tennessee theater. Annie is everywhere!

The new Annie movie coming out seems to have everyone loving that curly haired orphan girl all over again. For me, the new movie just doesn’t interest me, I am a purest and love the original 1982 movie. Though, surely older women in 1982 felt the same way about that movie. The women who grew  up reading the comic and listening to the radio show, I am sure they felt the same way.

This morning it was me begging E to go see the stage show with me. I remember my parents taking me to The Grand Hotel dinner theater to see Annie on stage. I remember getting a mug that said, ”Leapin Lizards” with a Shirley Temple in it. Kept that mug forever.

Then there is my beloved book, read every morning at the breakfast table. It sits in my cedar chest falling apart at the seems. It’s a well loved book.

Thinking of my Annie doll complete with wearable locket. I don’t have a picture of that doll but you can see one here. I do however have a picture of me wearing said locket



and my already blogged about love of my Annie album. Thinking that may need a spin on the turntable this coming weekend. Though I probably wont love the new movie, I love that yet another generation of girls will love Annie. Anyone wanna go see Annie with me?

P.S. Thanks Cindy for instagramming this morning. Gave me the perfect blog idea.


Lazy Sunday Post: The Full Story

Today I met with one of the girl’s from Candace’s board. It was so fun because I met her ten years ago when she was 16 years old. She happened to be in Knoxville today and I went to meet up with her. So fun to see her as an adult.

My brain is fried, I have had some funny conversations due to this today. My blog would probably be a jumbled mess. I had a hysterical conversation with my friend about comments on Word press and  how they end up in the spam folder.  I couldn’t find her’s on my blog and I thought she deleted mine on her blog.

Instead of attempting to write a blog, I will just share this blog from last year. It details my story of working on Candace’s website. The Full Story:

Our Dream for 2016

2016 is going to be a banner year in our home, so big we’re already in the planning stages now. It will start with Marty turning 40, then our 20th wedding anniversary, E turns 16, Conner will be 18 and I will turn 40 that fall.

For a long time E has asked to go to New York for her 16th birthday and Conner has asked to go to the Tour de France the summer he is 18. So we will be doing both of those things that year.

The plan is for the kids to go to France by themselves for a month or so before. Our friend Fanette has long offered for the kids to come stay with her for an extended period of time. So we’re going to take her up on that offer.

Then Marty and I will fly over to meet up. We want to go see several stages of the Tour, go to Disneyland Paris and see Fanette.

We plan on taking the Chunnel to the England and finally making my life long dream of seeing England a reality. I have friends there I want to see as well as stalking Royals.


These are huge dreams for a huge year, it’s going to take a lot of saving and a lot of prayer but I think anything is possible.

It’s exciting to think about, wish,dream and plan for 2016.